Remotely operated tipper – it’s a child’s play

In February, one of the Pomeranian companies purchased a tipper with a KH-KIPPER body equipped with a double steering. The first – standard pneumatic with a controller at the driver’s seat and the second – radio controlled from outside the truck’s cabin. Radio control with the use of a remote control is a very convenient and safe solution. It increases the field of view and allows the operator to be in the most appropriate place on the construction site. Intuitive operation is possible thanks to the clear graphics of the remote control.

The radio control itself comes from the well-known manufacturer Tele Radio. It is part of a Swedish company with several decades of experience in wireless communication. This guarantees relatively easy availability of spare parts, e.g. as a result of damage or loss of the remote control.

The system has a safety button located in the electrical box in the chassis frame. Additionally, the red button on the radio control has a similar function. Disabling the remote control disconnects the safety relay in the radio control (no power to the electrovalves). After 3 minutes, the remote control is automatically turned off.

The remote control is powered by two popular AAA batteries. The compact size allows you to put it in your pocket.

It is also possible to buy and program it according to individual needs. The remote control can have any number of buttons that also control other functions of the body, e.g. hydraulic side, hydraulic or electric roof, lifting and lowering the hydraulic or pneumatic bumper, switching to the crane / tipper function. It is also possible to put any logotype on the remote control’s foil. KH-KIPPER has been using such solutions for many years in tippers sent to customers in Western and Northern Europe.