New mining body KH-KIPPER

The growing cost of transport is the reason for new solutions that aim at making the load capacity of the vehicle greater. W1MV mining body, designed by KH-KIPPER, is the answer to these expectations. The tipper has lower weight and thus, greater load capacity.

W1MV tipper vs. Dump truck

One-way W1MV tipper is a vehicle designed for operation in mines in the extremely difficult conditions. During high-fraction material transport it is exposed to constant wear. They are succesfully used to transport load from the place of extraction to the first destination, in most cases, the crusher. With the proper preparation of the terrain they can replace dump trucks.

The multifunctionality of the W1MV mining body on truck chassis gives a considerable advantage over traditional dump trucks: they can be used with a range of loads and a variety of destinations, such as mines or public roads. A significant advantage of this kind of tipper is also multi-purpose dedication. They can be used for any kind of load, for expample, coal, anthracite or metallic ore.

Design: the key to success

In similar constructions the floor is usually reinforced with longitudinal beams, cross beams or additional bendings. All these elements aim at improving the stifness of the construction of floor. The characteristic feature of the new body is the fact that there is no need to apply any reinforcements on the floor. The construction of floor of the new W1MV body is only made of HARDOX HB 450 high-resistant steel plate with two bendings. In contrast to the previous model where the floor was made of three layers (steel and rubber), the new model is equipped with a floor which is made of only one-layer of steel. Due to the removal of unnecessary elements, the construction has became more resilient and thus, more durable and resistant to damage.

The plate of side walls is reinforced only with the upper profile, rear profile and front wall. The mechanical properties of HARDOX HB 450 steel of which the side walls are made ensure effective protection against damage.

Due to the fact that during transport of mining material the body is exposed to difficult exploitation conditions, the main construction is made of resilient and high-resitant HARDOX HB 450 steel (floor 10-15 mm and side walls 6-10 mm), whereas the load-bearing constructions are made of durable STRENX 700 steel. The kinetic energy of the impact, while loading rocks even of considerable fraction, is succesfully dispersed.

After a special preparation using Toolox steel, they can be even used to transport hot slag with the temperature of 500 Celcius degrees. Thanks to Toolox properties the tippers are ressistant to high temperatures and wear. They are robust and resistant at the same time.

Due to half-octagonal contruction of the body and sloped front wall, the unloaded material does not adhere in the corners of the body. A raised rear part of the floor prevents the load from falling out while driving on an incline. This especially involves small fraction material. The rear SNEEP shovel allows for an easy unload without heaping the load on wheels. Big roof has been mounted in such a way in order to secure the upper profile of the front wall against falling elements during loading.

The body is protected by a patent as a registered design.

Main changes

The removal of unnecessary elements of the construction improves the resilience of the body and prolongs its durability period.
Reducing or eliminating damage of the construction caused by loadings of big rocks.
Lowering the center of gravity of the whole vehicle ensures greater stability during unloading of the material.
Reducing the number of elements of the body and simplifying their shapes reduces the time of production and material demand.
Lowering of the body’s own weight increases its load capacity. The driver can transport more material in the same period of time.
Lowering of the costs connected with fuel consumption due to lower weight.
Reducing repair costs due to smaller number of spare parts.