Stability control system

A modern stability control system which aim is to increase safety during unloading of the tipper. The system constantly informs the driver about such parameters as the angle of vehicle incline, temperature and oil pressure. It also indicates the necessity of oil and filter change.

The electronic system consists of a mini-computer, vehicle inclination sensor, temperature as well as oil pressure sensors and a colorful display located in the cab. The communication between the mini-computer and display is performed by radio signal. The lack of wires, which during work could be damaged, allows to save time and costs connected with repairs. The system constantly shows the driver important parameters accompanying unloadings both rearwards and sidewards: the angle of vehicle incline as well as temperature and oil pressure in the hydraulic system. The measurement and display of 3 parameters is performed continuously. After exceeding the limit parameters, the display automatically shows a warning in form of red blinking diodes and appropriate voice signals.

The angle of vehicle incline informs the driver about the danger of tipper overturn which allows to stop further actions. The information about excessive temperature or oil pressure allows the driver to avoid the danger connected with damaging of the hydraulic system.

While driving, the system constantly displays all parameters and thus, it is very helpful also in difficult, uneven terrain. Showing the actual vehicle incline it performs the function of a standard inclinometer which is so important in off-road driving.

Depending on the country in which the vehicle operates, the voice messages can be presented in Polish, English, German or Russian language. The simple menu allows all the time for a change and introduction of individual settings. The system can be equipped with other measurement sensors.