Agricultural trailers

KH-KIPPER produces three-way tipping trailers for trucks (on-road) and rear-tipping trailers for agricultural tractors (off-road). The vehicles which are adjusted to individual needs of the client are made of  highest quality materials which ensure long working life.

Three-way tipping trailers are designed for the transport of agricultural produce such as grain, potatoes, beetroots and straw bales. Side walls with top hinges are made of aluminium or construction steel. The steel floor after demounting of the side walls and posts can be used as a platform. Special level raisers allow to transport more load. An optional opening of the sidewalls downwards allows to load the body with an agricultural tractor.

Off-road rear tipping trailers which are designed for agricultural tractors are all-purpose vehicles. The bodies made of wear resistant steel allow to use the trailer both in agricultural and construction sectors – to transport agricultural produce  and construction materials such as rubble. Mechanical suspension makes it easier to work in difficult terrain such as dirt roads or fields.