W3F tipping body

Multifunctional tipper for light-duty transport is a vehicle especially useful both in municipal companies working in urban agglomerations and corporations which offer a wide range of services connected with construction. An “agile” 2-axle tipper is a solution for those who consider efficiency as a priority. Due to an optimal, light construction, vehicles with this type of body are characterized with a relatively considerable payload.

The body has top and bottom hinges in standard. It allows for a safe and fast unloading of loose material after opening of bottom locks as well as unloading of pallets by lowering the side walls downwards. The body can also be used as a platform. The vehicle is often equipped with a hydraulic crane.

The mechanism of opening of the side walls is secured during unloading and protected against unfavourable weather conditions. It allows to eliminate the losses connected with unnecessary repairs and costly standstills.

Every type of performed tasks is different. That is why KH-KIPPER strives to adjust the product to individual needs of the user. The tipper’s abilities are improved thanks to additional equipment e.g. mounting of the coupling and hydraulic installation for the trailer, foldable bumper or front plate for winter maintenance of the road.