Hook lifting devices

KH-KIPPER’s offer includes hook lifting devices with lifting capacity of 8 and 12 tons. A module construction allows for mounting of the device on different chassis and the slides can be adjusted to different space distance of containers’ longitudinal beams.

KH-KIPPER pays great attention to the safety of its products. The hook is equipped with self-locking gravity mechanism. The load is smoothly moved on the rolls. The hydraulic system is equipped with safety valves which secure the load against fall and damage of the device in case of hydraulic wires failure.

The device has a hydraulic container lock as well as steering from the cab. The lock has indicators which inform about a proper locking of the container.

During unloading and loading of an empty or partly loaded container there is a possibility to make the movement faster by adjusting the steering lever.

Thanks to a modified design of the fastening hook, the locking and unlocking of the container is exceptionally easy and can be performed by less experienced operators.