Automatic greasing system

An adequate amount of greasing substances of machines or transport vehicles is necessary for their proper exploitation. Manual greasing is not only time consuming but sometimes it is also connected with some danger for the user, especially in hard-to-reach places. In order to make the everyday exploitation easy and avoid similar problems, KH-KIPPER offers in its tippers, trailers, semitrailers and hookloaders a Groeneveld automatic greasing system.

The most popular automatic greasing system for road transport which uses EP-0 grease is a one wire system called SingleLine. The system automatically applies grease to every greasing point on the vehicle continually tracking the greasing process and supplying the driver with necessary information. 

A regular and precise application of small amounts of grease during the vehicle’s work at full capacity ensures proper lubrication, continual adequate sealing and significantly lower use of bearing grease. It also extends the exploitation lifetime of expensive parts and prevents corrosion. The effect of using SingleLine is a significant reduction of repair works or exploitation standstills which are caused by the need of an immediate maintenance.

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