Container trailers

KH-KIPPER container trailers with the payload of 11 or 18 tons are designed for the transport of small KP7 containers and tipping containers.

The frame is a welded construction made of high-quality steel with aluminium platforms on both sides which are useful while fixing the net on the container.

Depending on the customer’s requirements the locking of KP7 containers on the trailer can be performed pneumatically or mechanically. The tipping containers are locked by means of special chains.
In contrast to typical container trailers, it is equipped with an additional function which allows to unload the contents of the container just exactly as in rear tippers. The tipping angle equals 50° regardless of the length of the container.

The multifunctional extendable drawbar allows to move the container from the truck onto the trailer and the other way round without the necessity of separating the vehicle combination.

A lot of functions are automatic and do not require the user’s interference. It improves the efficiency and reduces the time of loading and unloading of the trailer.