W3F tipping body

The chassis with all-wheel drive and W3F body is an ideal vehicle for working in rough terrain, very useful while trying to service hard to reach power networks.

In order to obtain total self-reliance as far as limited-range tasks are concerned, the body was designed to transport both bigger loads e.g. transformers or pylons and loose material e.g. sand.  The posts, rear wall and rear elements of side walls are demountable, therefore, the user receives a multifunctional platform which can basically transport everything. The floor is adjusted for a quick assembly of a stanchion turntable which allows to transport long objects.

The towing points located in the floor, under the floor and on the front wall secure the transport of different goods (pallets, barrels, cannisters).
The small amount of space is used optimally: the vehicle can be equipped with numerous fixing points, toolboxes and other solutions which usually do not fit on the truck but are so useful in the  everyday work.  

There is a possibility to hook up a light trailer or a carriage with smaller machines to the vehicle making the transport abilities of the truck greater. Such a solution is also cost saving since it does not require to send another truck in the field.

The crane can work with a passenger basket, whereas the body itself can be used for securing and transporting additional equipment for the crane e.g. drills.