kh-kipper energetyka

A big order for the power industry

30 December 2020

At the end of November, together with Hewea, a distributor of Fassi devices, and Renault Polska, we completed an order for the ENEA Capital Group operating in the energy industry. The order covers a total of 6 vehicles - the...

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Merry Christmas

21 December 2020

We wish all KH-KIPPER fans a healthy and happy holiday full of warmth and hope. May all your dreams come true in 2021! Even though this year has been full of challenges, we appreciate that you were with us all...

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zabudowa kh-kipper w1mv

W1MV mining body – steel power of KH-KIPPER

8 December 2020

The space that endlessly paints a picture of the world inaccessible to ordinary mortals, drawing from the depths of the earth its treasures hidden since the dawn of time. The size of the heavyweights working in the mines is astonishing....

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zabudowy kh-kipper

KH-KIPPER’s bodies adapted to the customer’s needs

10 November 2020

KH-KIPPER’s bodies are adapted to customers’ requirements. One of such projects is an order for the MPWiK company from Rzeszów. The W1A type tipper on Volvo FM 8x4 chassis will mainly be used for transporting loose materials as well as...

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kh-kipper body

We are not slowing down

13 August 2020

The difficult epidemiological situation in the first half of the year adversely affected the functioning of many companies. At KH-KIPPER, we also recorded a general decrease in orders. Despite this, we did not suspend the production of new bodies and...

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We have a day off on 14th August

13 August 2020

Dear Clients / Partners, We would like to inform that 14th August is a day off in KH-KIPPER. Please contact us on Monday 17th August.

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zabudowy kopalnia W1MV

Another mining bodies left KH-KIPPER

11 August 2020

2 W1MV mining bodies on Renault 6x4 chassis left KH-KIPPER this week. Soon they will be part of the car fleet working on the reconstruction of the road between Bohicon and Parakou in Benin ??. The modernization of the road...

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kh-kipper wywrotki przez Rosję


6 August 2020

6 distinctive tippers covered with fire flames depart from the KH-KIPPER production plant in central-eastern Poland to Vladivostok, 10,000 km away. Interestingly, the tipper trucks will cover this long route by road transport. Today, Vladivostok is a port city that...

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Nomination for the prestigious Trailer Innovation 2021 award

5 August 2020

We are pleased to announce that our new three-way W3H body has been nominated in the prestigious Trailer Innovation 2021 competition promoting the most outstanding innovations in the world of semi-trailers, trailers and bodies. It will compete for the main...

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nowa zabudowa kh-kipper

New KH-KIPPER three-way body

10 July 2020

Today, most companies are looking for universal and multifunctional solutions that will quickly change the purpose of the vehicle by using it throughout the year for various types of transport. The answer to these needs is the improved W3H three-way...

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tak działamy KH-KIPPER

This is how we operate during the pandemic

18 May 2020

Despite the difficult epidemiological situation, we are constantly working for you, and product deliveries are carried out on a regular basis. Tippers leave the plant according to the production plan updated with new chassis delivery dates. Sometimes the type of...

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KH-KIPPER – made in Poland

18 May 2020

100% of KH-KIPPER’s production is performed in Poland. The tipping bodies which company  is most famous for are produced in two factories in the central-east part of the country. Almost 500 people work in two production plants in Kajetanów and...

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W3H nowy model

A new model of W3H body

6 May 2020

Three-way W3H bodies are, after rear tippers, one of the most popular KH-KIPPER products. Do you know that at this moment the first body of this type is being produced, in which we applied several new improvements? Follow our social...

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zabudowy w1mv tipper

Another KH-KIPPER bodies are leaving our factory!

5 May 2020

Although the pandemic affects the functioning of many companies, we do not suspend deliveries to our customers. Another KH-KIPPER bodies are leaving our factory. In recent days a real mine beasts have been manufactured. The W1MV rear tipping bodies are ...

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wielkanoc alleluja

Happy Easter!

9 April 2020

On the occassion of upcoming Easter we wish our Clients, Partners and Colleagues a lot of happy and nice moments. Despite the hard times, let’s spend these days in peace and harmony.

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