This is how we operate during the pandemic

tak działamy KH-KIPPER

Despite the difficult epidemiological situation, we are constantly working for you, and product deliveries are carried out on a regular basis. Tippers leave the plant according to the production plan updated with new chassis delivery dates. Sometimes the type of transport changes. Instead of on wheels, dump trucks are transported on tow trucks or by wheel transport combined with sea transport.

Our production facilities work continuously with additional security measures so that our employees and guests visiting us are safe. Every person before entering the company premises is subject to mandatory disinfection. External guests also have their temperature measured and are required to wear face masks. Disinfectants and protective agents such as gloves and masks are available throughout the whole area. In order to protect our employees, we have increased the distance in the workplace or extended their work.

We do not reduce the crew, and product collection, receivables inflow and deadlines for settling liabilities have not changed.

If you have any questions or doubts, we encourage you to contact us: HERE.