W3F tipping body

The W3F three-way tipping body is designed for an all-year-round road maintenance. During winter time, the vehicle equipped with a snow plough is a perfect carrier for salt spreaders, whereas in summer it can be used for an ongoing road infrastructure maintenance. The vehicle can be equipped with a salt spreader and front plate for snow plough. Anticorrosion primer and special paint protect the steel elements of the body in winter against salt and chemicals.

These bodies usually have top and bottom hinges. It allows for a safe and fast unloading of loose material such as sand after opening of the bottom locks and unloading of pallets while opening the side walls downwards. Due to a suitable internal width one can transport two pallets loaded side-by-side.

The net on the front wall protects the cab against damage while loading and during transport. The handles on side walls enable the user to climb on the body. A considerable advantage in everyday work is a quickly demountable rear wall – a solution which can be useful while mounting a salt spreader or other winter equipment. The rear wall can be conveniently transported under the body. The spring compensation located in the front of the body allows for an easy opening and closing of the side walls. The load, e.g. salt spreader is safely secured thanks to towing points in the floor and front wall.

Mounting of level raisers made of steel net allows to use the body for a selective collection of municipal waste e.g. plastics, waste paper or leaves.