Long-load trailers

One-axle extendable trailer with a turntable is dedicated to companies dealing with building, modernization and maintenance of gas installations, water systems and power networks. It can successfully be connected to 4×4 or 6×6 chassis or construction machines.

Thanks to mechanical suspension the trailer is adjusted to work in difficult terrain. The frame of the trailer is made of high-quality steel, the inside surface of stanchions is lined with rubber whereas the transporting belts and protections in the front of the trailer which secure the load against moving eliminate the risk of damage. 

The trailer provides a lot of transport opportunities: changing of the drawbar’s length from 6,5 to 11m allows to transport loads with dimensions 8-12m and the stanchions which open to the sides have special locks.

The vehicle is equipped with a pneumatic parking brake which immobilizes the trailer during loading.