W2H tipping body

The classic 2-way body with an underfloor cylinder is equipped with a hydraulic left side board.

The hydraulic side wall is smoothly lowered from the vertical position up to the angle of 180°. It allows to reach the body with a fork-lift truck easily and load some goods on pallets.  The internal width of the body is 2 410 mm. The unique solution allows to load two pallets side-by-side.

While lowering the side wall up to the angle of 90° it is possible to unload the material within some distance from the vehicle. It is especially useful while heaping embankments or covering ditches along the road because the material does not fall on the side elements of the vehicle and enables the driver to move the truck easily from the unloaded heap.

This body is also equipped with a sneep shovel on the floor level.

The steering of the hydraulic side wall is performed with the use of a joystick mounted in the cabin at the driver’s seat. The driver can operate it both from the ground level and from the seat without the necessity of getting out of the cab which is very important in difficult terrain or bad weather conditions.