W1CE tipping body

Classic square W1CE body is a universal body designed for operation in diffrent locations in the extremely difficult climate conditions. The bodies work well in both construction and light mining transport – they carry sand, gravel, smaller fraction stones and asphalt.

The W1CE body is made of HARDOX high-resistant steel. The stiffness of the body is assured by 2 longitudinal beams, cross beams, and bending. Due to the removal of unnecessary elements, the construction has become more resilient and thus, more durable and resistant to damage. The plate of side walls is reinforced with the upper profile, rear profile and front wall. The mechanical properties of HARDOX steel, of which the side walls are made, ensure effective protection against damage.

Due to the optimalization of the body’s cross section, the design involves a lower loading height (lower side walls) and thus optimal position of the center of gravity. It allows for a better stability during unloading and transport – especially in difficult terrain conditions. A square profile of the subframe has big influence on the robustness of the construction. Changed shape of the body provides lower weight and greater volume.

Due to the use of HYVA ALPHA hydraulic system the tipping time is reduced.

The heating system which uses exhaust fumes prevents the adhesive materials to stick inside the body. It allows for an easy unloading and improves safety. The new body has a bigger heated surface – now the floor, front wall and top profile are heated.

Product registered as an industrial design.