W1U tipping body

The body is mainly designed for loose material and asphalt transport. One of its greatest advantages is the shape which prevents the transported material against sticking inside the body.  It is characterized by functionality and safety of usage. The unique omega type cross section of the body lowers the center of gravity and makes the load capacity greater.

The high-quality Swedish steel ensures proper stiffness and high resistance in difficult exploitation conditions. The modern construction of the body stands out with its low own weight ensuring, at the same time, a high payload of the vehicle.

Due to a sloped front wall the adhesive material does not adhere inside the body while unloading.

The rear wall placed inside the body as well as the rear SNEEP shovel on floor level allow for an easy unloading within some distance from the vehicle’s rear wheels. The rear wall opening limiter ensures an even unloading of the material during the ride.

The new hydraulic system reduces the time needed for raising and lowering of the body.