Nomination for the prestigious Trailer Innovation 2021 award

We are pleased to announce that our new three-way W3H body has been nominated in the prestigious Trailer Innovation 2021 competition promoting the most outstanding innovations in the world of semi-trailers, trailers and bodies. It will compete for the main prize in the Bodies category.

No other industry provides as many innovations as the European trailer industry, and the award is given to the best and most interesting solutions. The most outstanding ideas of manufacturers of semi-trailers, trailers and bodies have been selected every 2 years since 2002 by an international jury of experts consisting of 16 renowned European transport magazines.

The nominated three-way W3H body is universal, more functional and safe. It is intended for the transport of loose building materials, palletized materials, e.g. paving stones, small-size construction machines, and even long elements such as sewage pipes. You can read more about this innovative product: [here].