New KH-KIPPER three-way body

nowa zabudowa kh-kipper

Today, most companies are looking for universal and multifunctional solutions that will quickly change the purpose of the vehicle by using it throughout the year for various types of transport. The answer to these needs is the improved W3H three-way body. One body can be used to transport various loads: loose materials, palletized materials or small-sized construction machines, and with additional equipment, even long sewage pipes.

Left hydraulic wall

The three-way W3H body with underfloor cylinder is equipped with a hydraulic left side wall. The hydraulic side wall lowers smoothly downwards from vertical position to 180° depending on the configuration of the chassis. This enables a forklift to drive up to the body and efficiently load palletized materials, e.g. paving stones. The internal width of the body is 2 410 mm. The unique solution allows to load two pallets side-byside. After lifting the body and opening the side wall to  90°, it is possible to precisely unload the material at a certain distance from the vehicle. Opening of the side wall to 90° without lifting it allows to load the materials from a loading ramp.

Right side wall opening upwards and downwards

After opening of the right side wall downwards, it is possible to drive to the tipper with a forklift and load construction materials on pallets. Manual opening of approx. 300 kg side wall is possible thanks to a new spring compensation. Just release the 2 levers on the sides of the side wall and pull it all the way down. The special lock prevents the bottom locks from opening in this position, which could lead to an uncontrolled fall of the side wall to the ground. Unloading of the loose materials, e.g. sand or gravel, is performed automatically after releasing of the bottom locks.

Rear wall

Rear wall opens automatically when the body is raising and closes when lowering. In the new solution, the mechanical locking system has been optimized, thus improving functionality and safety. The SNEEP shovel is located at the same level as the floor, which means that loose material easily falls down and does not collect in any other element. The rear shovel can be removed and replaced if necessary.

Improved tightness of the body

Due to better tightness of the body it is possible to transport even very small loose materials (poppy or rape seeds).

Tarpaulin operated from the ground

The load is usually protected against adverse weather conditions by traditional tarpaulin. This solution, however, requires climbing on the tipper. The new tarpaulin operated from the ground by means of an elongated crank improves the driver’s comfort of work and increases his safety, especially during bad weather conditions e.g. in winter, when the surface of the truck is icy.  Operating the tarpaulin from the ground also takes less time, which is especially important when it is used very often.