17 June 2024

KH-KIPPER, the manufacturer of tipper trucks, is pleased to introduce the official branding for our latest product designed for transporting mining output in open-pit mines! The official name of the new product W1RB is ROCK BULL. As the name suggests,...

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Days off

30 April 2024

We celebrate the first days of May in Poland. On May 1, we celebrate the International Labor Day. May 2 is the Polish National Flag Day. The holiday has been celebrated in Poland since 2004. Every year on this day,...

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The Autostrada Fair has ended

18 April 2024

The Autostrada New Infrastructure Fair has ended. The two-day event attracted guests from all over Poland and abroad to Kielce. Numerous industry meetings, conferences, thematic seminars and test drives at the outside area of the fair were held. Exhibitors presented,...

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KH-KIPPER invites to Autostrada 2024 Fair

9 April 2024

Autostrada New Infrastructure is the most important meeting in the calendar of events in the infrastructure construction industry, where manufacturers from Poland and Western Europe will present a wide range of modern raw materials, machines and technological solutions. At the...

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W1RB mining body – complex transport solution

8 April 2024

The equipment operating in extreme conditions in open pit mines must be robust. Failure-free operation and the longest possible operating period are necessary to ensure the productivity of technological processes and appropriate implementation time. The tipper with W1RB body will...

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Happy Easter!

28 March 2024

We wish you a peaceful and warm Easter. Let it be a time for family and loved ones, a time to rest and share joy. Happy Easter!

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Stable development

29 December 2023

Despite the uncertain geopolitical and economic situation and constantly rising prices, KH-KIPPER did not experience any significant declines in production in 2023. Diversification of supply chains and focusing on finding new sales markets will allow to reach a level of...

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New model of the body

27 December 2023

The premiere of a new mining body is coming soon. Lower own weight and a lower center of gravity increasing the stability of the tipper are just a few of its advantages. More details and photos coming soon.

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Merry Christmas

21 December 2023

Thank you very much for your cooperation so far and we wish you a joyful and peaceful Christmas! Let's hope that in the coming year we will be able to realize what will bring profits, anticipate what will prevent us...

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They will help maintain Estonian roads this winter

21 November 2023

Verston is the largest road maintenance company in Estonia, currently maintaining 39%, or 6,514 km, of its national roads. A 5-year contract has been launched since October 1, 2023, under which its tasks will include maintaining national roads in the...

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Winter is coming

3 November 2023

Each type of task performed is different, which is why KH-KIPPER puts great emphasis on adapting the product to the individual needs of users. The company's offer includes not only solutions for the construction and mining industries, but also for...

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KH-KIPPER jubilee body

27 October 2023

Last year we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the company's founding, and today we celebrate the production of the 25,000th unit. The company is working towards such success, investing in infrastructure, new technologies and constantly expanding its staff. The anniversary...

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W3A grain transport

Efficient grain transport straight from the fields

4 October 2023

The transport of grains has its own rules. Small seeds of plants such as wheat, oats, barley, corn, peas and sunflower are relatively difficult to transport bulk material. Grain, which is sensitive to moisture, also requires the use of appropriate...

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KH-KIPPER as an exhibitor at the German Steinexpo

31 July 2023

We would like to invite you to STEINEXPO – the International Demonstration Show for the Construction Materials Industry. It will take place on August 23-26 in the biggest European basalt mine in Homberg, Germany. What distinguishes STEINEXPO from other events...

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In the land of paradise beaches

12 June 2023

KH-KIPPER carries out a large delivery of tippers to Southeast Asia. Although the Philippines is known for its paradise beaches, surely the tippers will not rest, but will work hard in the local coal mine. One of the country's largest...

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Days off

28 April 2023

Dear Clients / Partners, We would like to inform that 1st and 3rd May are days off in Poland.

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A tipper worth its weight in gold

24 April 2023

KH-KIPPER supplies its products all over the world. North-West Africa is one of the regions where products made in Poland are eagerly chosen for several years now. The Polish company has already delivered its bodies in the past to such...

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6 April 2023

On the occasion of Easter, we wish all our customers all the best. Let this special period be a time of reflection,  rest and true joy, and let the upcoming spring bring new automotive challenges along with the energy necessary...

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Merry Christmas

21 December 2022

We would like to wish all our customers and supporters the best wishes for a peaceful and joyful Christmas. We hope that in the coming year you will find enough energy to realize all your plans and intentions which will...

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Summary of the Bauma fair

8 November 2022

3,200 exhibitors from 60 countries and over 495,000 visitors from over 200 countries came to the Munich exhibition center on October 24-30, 2022, making Bauma the world's leading trade fair for construction machinery, mining machinery, construction vehicles and construction equipment....

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Bauma fair

5 October 2022

Bauma is the world's leading trade fair for construction machinery, mining machinery, construction vehicles and construction equipment. The wide offer of KH-KIPPER fits perfectly into the subject matter. At stand FN.720/10, the Polish manufacturer will once again present solutions for...

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IAA Transportation is over! Summary of the 6 fair days

28 September 2022

The 6-day IAA Transportation fair in Hanover ended last Sunday. After a long break caused by the coronavirus pandemic the organizers managed to create a really big event. The main theme of the fair was logistics, commercial vehicles, buses and...

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IAA Transportation

24 August 2022

IAA Transportation is back after a long brake caused by the pandemic of the coronavirus. The theme of the fair, which will take place on September 20-25, 2022 in Hanover, will be logistics, commercial vehicles, buses and transport. The list...

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25 years of stable development

17 August 2022

Trucks with KH-KIPPER bodies work in almost every latitude: from Mauritius on the coast of Madagascar to Arctic Svalbard and from sunny Chile to picturesque New Caledonia. In total, in over 60 countries around the world - in Europe, Asia,...

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KH-KIPPER new promotional video

25 July 2022

We would like to invite you to watch the latest video promoting the activities of KH-KIPPER. The production was created to raise the prestige of the Polish manufacturer and to present the advantages of the products to customers visiting the...

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Precise unloading thanks to the optimized hydraulic side wall

24 May 2022

The three-way W3H body with a cylinder under the floor is equipped with a hydraulic left side wall. The latest modernization allows the body to be lifted to the side with the hydraulic side fully open, which remains in a...

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The New Infrastructure Expo is behind us!

16 May 2022

The New Infrastructure Expo is behind us. The event lasted shorter than the previous editions, but during the two days of the fair, many industry meetings, conferences and seminars were held. The KH-KIPPER stand was visited, as every year, by...

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Happy Easter!

14 April 2022

Wishing you a very Happy Easter that is filled with plenty of happy moments among your nearest and dearest. Let this special time be a period of reflection, rest and respite. Happy Easter!

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We invite you to Kielce for the New Infrastructure 2022 trade fair

12 April 2022

On almost 500 m2 of the KH-KIPPER fair area, we have prepared for visitors an interesting exhibition of construction tippers on the chassis of the great European seven. Infrastructure construction is the main topic of the annual event, during which...

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The 22-thousandth unit in 2022

8 April 2022

22,000! This is how many bodies have been manufactured at KH-KIPPER since the beginning of the company's existence. For almost 25 years, our 2 production plants have been successively producing bodies, trailers, semi-trailers and hook lifting devices. They reach customers...

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Sealed body for transporting wet soil

28 March 2022

The fleet of the EURO-TRANS transport company is supplemented by 2 tippers with W1CE bodies with increased volume and tightness. The vehicles will be used in earthworks carried out in the city of Warsaw. EURO - TRANS is a leader...

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A tipper with a removable crane

11 March 2022

The company ŻEL-BET SG - one of the Małopolska companies specializing in the construction of residential buildings received a unique tipper with a KH-KIPPER body and an HMF crane. The vehicle is distinguished by a crane mounted on a special...

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More space – more possibilities

14 January 2022

KH-KIPPER specializes in bodies for the construction sector - the high economic situation in this industry goes hand in hand with an increase in sales. The dynamic growth of new projects in the area of road infrastructure and residential construction...

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New generation of plates

27 December 2021

A demonstration mining tipper has left the new assembly hall building of KH-KIPPER around the end of this year. The vehicle was ordered by a client for tests in European open-pit mines. A new generation of wear-resistant plate – Hardox...

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Merry Christmas Everyone

21 December 2021

Snow is falling, all around me Children playing, having fun It's the season, love and understanding Merry Christmas everyone...* Dear all, we wish you to spend this special Christmas time with your loved ones. Let it be a time of...

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Another production success

2 November 2021

We are not slowing down! The end of October brought us another success in the form of producing the 2000th body in 2021! The W1MV mining body on a Scania 8×4 chassis is part of a large series of orders...

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Tippers for fireclay

17 September 2021

What do bricks, mortar, porcelain and decorative tiles have in common? Fireclay is used for their production, which is characterized by resistance to temperatures above 1580 °. Tippers with classic W1C bodies are going to the mining company. Fireclay mined...

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First Iveco T-Way with KH-KIPPER body!

17 September 2021

The successor to the well-known Trakkers is a powerful high-ground clearance truck designed for extreme off-road conditions. KH-KIPPER has equipped this chassis with a three-way W3H body. This special equipment is able to cope with any task in the transport...

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A new model of the body

28 July 2021

The W1CE tipper with a large roof has been designed for light mining transport. It can transport material with a small fraction of up to 150 mm and with a low degree of abrasion, i.e. limestone, gypsum, bauxite or copper...

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Let’s have some holiday fun together!

7 July 2021

Holidays are ahead of us so let’s have some fun together! If you come across a KH-KIPPER tipper on your way during holidays, be sure to take a photo of it, post it on your Facebook profile and of course...

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11 June 2021

After a long pandemic break, Scania Russia organized test drives with its heavy-transport equipment in real conditions on June 7-11, 2021. On the premises of the "Mansurovskoye Kar'yeroupravleniye" near Moscow, the vehicles drove on steep hills and descents in difficult...

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Tippers will help to mantain the roads in Hungary

8 June 2021

While most of us are thinking about the upcoming vacation, some companies are already restocking their fleets ahead of the winter season. Tippers with #W3F #bodies, which have just arrived in Hungary, will help to maintain the local network of...

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1 June 2021

Half of the year has not yet passed, and we have already managed to produce 1000 units. The annual production volume of KH-KIPPER is 2000 bodies, trailers, semi-trailers and hook devices delivered every day to dozens of countries around the...

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20 000th unit leaves the KH-KIPPER production plant

20 May 2021

KH-KIPPER has reasons to celebrate. The 20,000th unit in the company's history left the new production hall which was put into operation last year. The three-way body on a 4-axle chassis will soon take part in the annual MAN Trucknology...

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Transport and roadside assistance in one

5 May 2021

The N2N two-axle low-bed semi-trailer on a special order from Trans-Serwis from Łopuszno is not only a transport vehicle, but also a mobile workshop. It will mainly transport truck tractors weighing up to 19 tons. The front part of the...

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Happy Easter!

1 April 2021

On the occasion of the upcoming Easter, we wish you all joyful and cheerful moments with your loved ones. Let it be a time of peace and rest. Happy Easter!

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Remotely operated tipper – it’s a child’s play

5 March 2021

In February, one of the Pomeranian companies purchased a tipper with a KH-KIPPER body equipped with a double steering. The first - standard pneumatic with a controller at the driver's seat and the second - radio controlled from outside the...

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Elektryczna wywrotka

The first electric tipper with KH-KIPPER body

27 January 2021

For several years, more and more cars powered by electricity have made their appearance on the European roads. The first KH-KIPPER body on an electric chassis was mounted on a VOLVO FE 6x2. The tipper for light construction transport has...

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produkcja kh-kipper

Production of bodies in the difficult times of the pandemic

19 January 2021

This year's situation, caused by the spread of the coronovirus around the world and the restrictions introduced by individual countries, changed the functioning of almost every enterprise. While in the first quarter of 2020, the KH-KIPPER company recorded the results...

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nowy man tgs kh-kipper

New MAN TGS with KH-KIPPER body

13 January 2021

In 2020, MAN launched a new range of its Truck Generation trucks. Among them was the TGS model intended for the construction industry. Chassis from the new range also came to us. We present to you 2 classics from KH-KIPPER...

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kh-kipper energetyka

A big order for the power industry

30 December 2020

At the end of November, together with Hewea, a distributor of Fassi devices, and Renault Polska, we completed an order for the ENEA Capital Group operating in the energy industry. The order covers a total of 6 vehicles - the...

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Merry Christmas

21 December 2020

We wish all KH-KIPPER fans a healthy and happy holiday full of warmth and hope. May all your dreams come true in 2021! Even though this year has been full of challenges, we appreciate that you were with us all...

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zabudowa kh-kipper w1mv

W1MV mining body – steel power of KH-KIPPER

8 December 2020

The space that endlessly paints a picture of the world inaccessible to ordinary mortals, drawing from the depths of the earth its treasures hidden since the dawn of time. The size of the heavyweights working in the mines is astonishing....

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zabudowy kh-kipper

KH-KIPPER’s bodies adapted to the customer’s needs

10 November 2020

KH-KIPPER’s bodies are adapted to customers’ requirements. One of such projects is an order for the MPWiK company from Rzeszów. The W1A type tipper on Volvo FM 8x4 chassis will mainly be used for transporting loose materials as well as...

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kh-kipper body

We are not slowing down

13 August 2020

The difficult epidemiological situation in the first half of the year adversely affected the functioning of many companies. At KH-KIPPER, we also recorded a general decrease in orders. Despite this, we did not suspend the production of new bodies and...

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We have a day off on 14th August

13 August 2020

Dear Clients / Partners, We would like to inform that 14th August is a day off in KH-KIPPER. Please contact us on Monday 17th August.

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zabudowy kopalnia W1MV

Another mining bodies left KH-KIPPER

11 August 2020

2 W1MV mining bodies on Renault 6x4 chassis left KH-KIPPER this week. Soon they will be part of the car fleet working on the reconstruction of the road between Bohicon and Parakou in Benin ??. The modernization of the road...

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kh-kipper wywrotki przez Rosję


6 August 2020

6 distinctive tippers covered with fire flames depart from the KH-KIPPER production plant in central-eastern Poland to Vladivostok, 10,000 km away. Interestingly, the tipper trucks will cover this long route by road transport. Today, Vladivostok is a port city that...

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Nomination for the prestigious Trailer Innovation 2021 award

5 August 2020

We are pleased to announce that our new three-way W3H body has been nominated in the prestigious Trailer Innovation 2021 competition promoting the most outstanding innovations in the world of semi-trailers, trailers and bodies. It will compete for the main...

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nowa zabudowa kh-kipper

New KH-KIPPER three-way body

10 July 2020

Today, most companies are looking for universal and multifunctional solutions that will quickly change the purpose of the vehicle by using it throughout the year for various types of transport. The answer to these needs is the improved W3H three-way...

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tak działamy KH-KIPPER

This is how we operate during the pandemic

18 May 2020

Despite the difficult epidemiological situation, we are constantly working for you, and product deliveries are carried out on a regular basis. Tippers leave the plant according to the production plan updated with new chassis delivery dates. Sometimes the type of...

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KH-KIPPER – made in Poland

18 May 2020

100% of KH-KIPPER’s production is performed in Poland. The tipping bodies which company  is most famous for are produced in two factories in the central-east part of the country. Almost 500 people work in two production plants in Kajetanów and...

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W3H nowy model

A new model of W3H body

6 May 2020

Three-way W3H bodies are, after rear tippers, one of the most popular KH-KIPPER products. Do you know that at this moment the first body of this type is being produced, in which we applied several new improvements? Follow our social...

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zabudowy w1mv tipper

Another KH-KIPPER bodies are leaving our factory!

5 May 2020

Although the pandemic affects the functioning of many companies, we do not suspend deliveries to our customers. Another KH-KIPPER bodies are leaving our factory. In recent days a real mine beasts have been manufactured. The W1MV rear tipping bodies are ...

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wielkanoc alleluja

Happy Easter!

9 April 2020

On the occassion of upcoming Easter we wish our Clients, Partners and Colleagues a lot of happy and nice moments. Despite the hard times, let’s spend these days in peace and harmony.

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Merry Christmas

18 December 2019

Thank you for your trust and that you have been with us through this whole year. We got a wonderful gift for Christmas – thanks to you we have broken another record in 2019 by producing the most bodies, trailers,...

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Another production record

4 July 2019

KH-KIPPER is a company near Kielce which has been operating for 20 years now and exporting its bodies nearly to all continents. The company has been also recording a constant growth in production and turnover in the last 10 years...

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New KH-KIPPER image film

14 June 2019

We are pleased to present you with a new KH-KIPPER image film which shows what we do in a nutshell.    KH-KIPPER is a leading Polish producer of tipping bodies on truck chassis over 12 t GVW. Tippers with KH-KIPPER...

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Autostrada-Polska trade fair is already 25 years old!

21 May 2019

This year the Autostrada-Polska trade fair turns 25 years old. During the last quarter of a century the event has emerged as the biggest road construction trade fair in this part of Europe. The jubilee edition which took place in...

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BAUMA 2019 trade fair has finished!

19 April 2019

#biggestbaumaever – there is a reason why the Bauma trade fair which finished last weekend in Munich was described with this hashtag. Hence, 3700 exhibitors from 63 countries took part in it. The list of the visitors published by the...

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18 April 2019

We invite you to visit the KH-KIPPER stand at the International Fair of Road Construction Industry AUTOSTRADA-POLSKA, ROTRA on 14th – 16th May 2019 in Kielce. We are waiting for you at the outside area on stand ZF-1. More about...

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Happy Easter!

18 April 2019

Wishing you a very Happy Easter that is filled with plenty of happy moments among your nearest and dearest.

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KH-KIPPER is taking part in BAUMA

20 February 2019

The BAUMA International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines and Mining Machines will take place in less than 2 months i.e. on 8-14th April 2019 at the Messe München Trade Fair Center. It is the biggest event of...

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KH-KIPPER on Spitsbergen

3 January 2019

In the end of 2018 the Polish producer delivered the body designed for black coal transport to a mine in Longyearbyen. Longyearbyen is the biggest town on Spitsbergen. The body on VOLVO 8x4 chassis was designed specifically for arctic weather...

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Merry Christmas

19 December 2018

We wish you Merry Christmas full of joy, peace and hope. In the upcoming year we would also like to wish you a lot of success, patience and endurance in the implementation of your plans and further cooperation.   At...

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KH-KIPPER increases its production capacity – summary of year 2018

11 December 2018

In 2018 KH-KIPPER has made its 15000th product. In the last 20 years the company has not only managed to hold its position on the difficult market of utility vehicles but also every year is doing better and better. In...

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Produced in Poland – exported to the whole world

9 November 2018

KH-KIPPER reports another production record this year. All the indications are that for the first time in history, the leading Polish producer of tipping bodies on trucks will close this year with the number of 1800 produced units of bodies,...

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What did KH-KIPPER show at the IAA 2018 Exhibition in Hannover?

3 October 2018

The IAA International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition shows that the transport industry is in a great condition. In the capital of Lower Saxony a lot of attention was paid to innovative solutions including electric vehicles and stunning concepts of autonomous vehicles....

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KH-KIPPER in the next edition of IAA Trade Show in Hannover

6 September 2018

We would like to invite you to visit our stand at the 67th IAA Commercial Vehicle show on 20-27th September 2018 in Hannover. The event takes place every 2 years and it is a great opportunity to see the latest...

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KH-KIPPER mining tipping body nominated for Trailer Innovation 2019

27 August 2018

We are pleased to inform you that KH-KIPPER mining tipping body is nominated for the 9th Trailer Innovation Prize which promotes outstanding ideas and product innovations in the trailer and body sector. W1MV mining tipping body is nomitated in the...

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Construction & light mining new model of W1CE body

2 August 2018

For many years the W1C rear tipper with flat floor has been one of KH-KIPPER’s most popular product. However, together with the changing needs from the market, including growing transport costs, the producers are forced to search for better solutions....

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KH-KIPPER’s new partners

2 July 2018

The number of KH-KIPPER’s partners as well as its service network is constantly increasing. We are pleased to inform that lately new companies from Germany, Luxembourg, Hungary, Bulgaria and Russia have begun cooperation with us:   Carrosserie Roemen s.à r.l....

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The Autostrada-Polska 2018 trade fair has finished

17 May 2018

On 8-10th May 2018 Kielce again hosted the anual road festival i.e. The International Fair of Road Construction Industry AUTOSTRADA-POLSKA. The KH-KIPPER company presented at its stand a wide range of construction bodies on all chassis brands. The mining sector,...

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5 April 2018

  We invite you to visit the KH-KIPPER stand at the International Fair of Road Construction Industry AUTOSTRADA-POLSKA, ROTRA on 8th – 10th May 2018 in Kielce.   We are waiting for you at the outside area on stand ZF-1....

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4 April 2018

KH-KIPPER – European producer of tipping bodies on chassis – invites to the Mining World Fair which will take place from 17th till 19th April 2018 in Moscow at Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre.   SEE OUR PRODUCTS: SCANIA 8x4...

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Happy Easter!

29 March 2018

Easter is one of the most beautiful celebrations. Wishing you all the best this holiday and may it be a great time spent with your friends and family.   Have a Happy Easter!    

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20 years have passed like one day

24 January 2018

On 18th January 2018 KH-KIPPER organized a formal jubilee gala in the Kielce Congress and Exhibition Centre on the occassion of  the company’s 20 years of existence. The jubilee was celebrated by 300 guests who, despite the bad weather, came...

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Merry Christmas!

19 December 2017

  Christmas is the most magical time of year. We would like to thank all our Customers, Partners and Employers for their trust and patronage in 2017.  We wish you a joyous and peaceful Christmas, further achievements and every prosperity...

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KH-KIPPER: 20 years of experience

4 December 2017

20 years ago in Kielce KH-KIPPER company producing bodies for trucks was established. In 1998, that is in the following year since the company's inception, the first 16 bodied tippers came from the production plant in Kajetanów near Kielce. The...

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Plastic for any weather

30 November 2017

Loading-unloading works are conducted both in summer and winter. However, the material’s temperature can influence their efficiency. Clay or loose material can then easily  adhere to the side walls. With bodies which already have some signs of wear and tear,...

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KH-KIPPER – new exhibitor at STEINEXPO

3 August 2017

The whole summer is still ahead but the organization of STEINEXPO International Demonstration Show for the Construction Materials Industry which will take place on 30th August-2nd September 2017 is in proces. This unique event is organized in the biggest European...

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KH-KIPPER invites to Comtrans 2017

20 July 2017

KH-KIPPER TIPPING BODY AT COMTRANS 2017 FAIR KH-KIPPER – European producer of tipping bodies on chassis – invites to the Comtrans Fair which will take place from 4th till 9th September 2017 in Moscow at Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre....

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KH-KIPPER at Steinexpo 2017

17 July 2017

We invite you to visit the KH-KIPPER stand at the International Demonstration Show for the Construction Materials Industry. The show will take place on 30th August – 2nd September 2017 in Homberg/Nieder-Ofleiden Quarry of Mitteldeutsche Hartstein-Industrie GmbH. Our stand C49A...

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Take a break – watch KH-KIPPER channel on YouTube

7 July 2017

How does the exchange system work? What should correct loading of container and safe operation of a tipper look like? You will find all this on KHKIPPER1 channel. We here clips with new products and video-announcements of events where you...

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Incredible emotions on Master Truck

3 July 2017

Stunning tuned vehicles the most beautiful trucks from the whole Europe, unique old Times, specific vehicles, American cars, Road assistance, fire services or cult motorcycles. This is only a part of attractions which will be shown during the annual Convent...

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KH-KIPPER in social media

19 May 2017

The interest in social media is growing, it is a faster and more direct form of communication with you. That is why you can follow our profile on Facebook in 4 languages – Polish, English, German and Russian.   We...

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Frameless semi-trailers – simplicity and multi-functionality

18 May 2017

Construction of roads and other facilities involves moving the vehicles on difficult and unstable surfaces. The wheels are stuck in a muddy ground or in the unloaded material. The drivers have difficulty in moving out of the place of unloading,...

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News from KH-KIPPER at the Autostrada-Polska Trade Fair 2017

16 May 2017

Kielce's manufacturer brought two new releases to the Autostrada-Polska Fair, and these innovations were appreciated by the trade fair committee. At the official gala on May 9th, Andrzej Kamionka, President of KH-KIPPER, received two awards: a medal for a 3-axle...

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21 April 2017

The XXIII International Fair of Road Construction Industry AUTOSTRADA-POLSKA in Kielce is approaching. It will take place on 9-11th May 2017 at Kielce Trade Fair premises. Of course, KH-KIPPER, the producer of bodies on trucks from Kielce, will also be...

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KH-KIPPER wishes you a Happy Easter!

12 April 2017

Taking the opportunity of upcoming Easter we would like to wish all our clients, partners and colleagues a lot of moments of happiness and joy as well as many pleasant encounters with nature coming to life

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