KH-KIPPER, the manufacturer of tipper trucks, is pleased to introduce the official branding for our latest product designed for transporting mining output in open-pit mines!

The official name of the new product W1RB is ROCK BULL. As the name suggests, it carries deep symbolism: strength, efficiency, durability. These are the qualities without which no vehicle in the mine would survive.

Designing the new mining tipper truck was a huge challenge. Months of extremely intensive work with end users to describe customer needs were a joint project organized by our Innovation Lab, led by Tomasz Łazarski, along with our entire production department staff. Only the synergy of the parties involved in the W1RB project could create this innovative ROCK BULL mining tipper truck design, which we will present in detail in the coming weeks.

In the coming weeks, we will cover many interesting topics, such as:

  • the process of designing and implementing the ROCK BULL concept
  • innovations in the W1RB dump truck design
  • the positive impact of the project on reducing CO2 emissions in quarry operations
  • comparison of ROCK BULL with Yellow Mining Haulers
  • the impact of the latest tipper truck on safety

Today, we reveal the main goal of this project. W1RB ROCK BULL: the new quarry tipper truck improves load capacity efficiency by nearly 16% compared to our previous quarry dump truck.

ROCK BULL represents a true technological revolution that today showcases the pinnacle of our innovative capabilities and demonstrates the value of collaborating with some of the most experienced mining operators in the world. It is through such collaboration that high-quality mining haulers used by professionals are created.