Construction & light mining new model of W1CE body

For many years the W1C rear tipper with flat floor has been one of KH-KIPPER’s most popular product. However, together with the changing needs from the market, including growing transport costs, the producers are forced to search for better solutions. This gave birth to a new model of the classic W1CE square body. 

While preparing the design, the constructors took into  consideration following aspects: increaseofcapacity, trouble free tipping process,increase of robustness leveland modern design.
The new W1CE body is the effect of this search. It is not only characterized by lower weight and greater load capacity but also much more…

Classic square W1CE body is a universal body designed for operation in diffrent locations in the extremely difficultclimateconditions,  in cold zonesof Siberia as well as hot zonesof Africa.Anyplace where a simple and, at the same time, strong and reliable equipment with an efficient body heating system, is needed.
The bodies work well in both construction and light mining transport – they carry sand, gravel, smaller fraction stones and asphalt.
The new design ofthe body is a summary of  experiencewhich KH-KIPPER has gainedon different markets  with square tippers and demands from the clients which are operating in CIS countriesand in Africa.

The new W1CE body is made of HARDOX high-resistant steel. In contrast to the  previous model where the floor has a lot of welding lines, the new model has less of them. The stiffness of the body is assured by 2 longitudinal  beams, cross beams, and bending.Due to the removal of unnecessary elements, the construction has became more resilient and thus, more  durable and resistant to damage.
The plate of side walls is reinforced with the upper profile, rear profile and front wall. The mechanical  properties of HARDOX steel,of which the side walls are made,ensure effective protection against  damage. The optimal profile of the body’s corners do not allow the load to adhere. Due to the changed shape, the body has lower weight and greater volume in comparison to previous models.
A square profile of the subframehas big influenceon the  robustness of the construction.
Due to the useofHYVA ALPHA hydraulic system the tipping  time is reduced. Now the tipping cycles can be less than 40s. Demontable side protections can be easily replaced in case of damage.

The heating system which uses exhaust fumes prevents the adhesive materials to stick inside the body. It allows for an easy unloading and improves safety. The new body has a bigger heated surface – now the floor, front wall and top profile areheated.

Due to the optimalization of the body’s cross section the design involves a lower loading height (lower side walls) and thus optimal position of the center of gravity. It allows for a better stability during unloading and transport – especially in difficult terrain conditions.
The volume of the body has not been decreased but, on the contrary, in some cases, it has become bigger.

Due to the fact that during transport the body is exposed to difficult exploitation conditions, the main construction  is made of resilient and high-resistant HARDOX® steel (floor 6-10 mm and side walls 4-8 mm), whereas a lot of other elements are made of durable STRENX™  steel.


Lowering of the body’s own weight increases its load capacity. The  driver can transport more material in the same period of time
The removal of unnecessary elements of the construction  improves the resilience of the body and prolongs its durability  period
Reducing the number of elements of the body and simplifying  their shapes not only reduces the time of production and material demandbut also helps save the environment
Greater damage resistance due to new shape of the body and subframe
Shorter unloading time due to the new HYVA ALPHA cylinder
Facilitating of the unloading process as well as safety improvement due to the effective body heating system
Lowering the center of gravity of the whole vehicle ensures  greater stability during transport and unloading of the material
The 2000 mm flat surface of the floor allows for transporting additional equipment e.g. salt spreader inside the body
The flat surface of the side walls allows for using the body as advertising space