More space – more possibilities

KH-KIPPER specializes in bodies for the construction sector – the high economic situation in this industry goes hand in hand with an increase in sales. The dynamic growth of new projects in the area of road infrastructure and residential construction as well as the boom in the mining industry made it possible in 2021 to make up for the decline in production, which was contributed to by the development of the pandemic.

The producer closes the last year with over 2,400 units, which is the largest annual production volume in the history of the company. The wide portfolio includes bodies, trailers and semi-trailers for various industries: construction, mining, municipal, energy and even agriculture. The constant shortages in the supply of components and materials remain a challenge, but the activities of KH-KIPPER are planned so that customers receive products on time.

Thanks to the increase in orders from around the world and long-term planning, in 2018 the decision was made to expand the plant. The construction of the new final assembly hall was completed before the outbreak of the pandemic, and at the turn of 2021/2022, the new office adjacent to it starts operating.

The commissioning of a new hall allowing for the most modern production management has dramatically improved the production capacity and product quality. Now, in the new hall with an area over 1000 m2, there are 18 spacious assembly stations, which enable better work organization. The hall allows for the implementation of atypical orders, including large and heavy mine constructions, the production of which requires a lot of space and transport with the use of overhead cranes with high lifting capacity. More space gives additional opportunities to implement new production technologies. The stands in the previous hall were developed mainly for the needs of the paint shop. In 2021, the truck parking was also expanded.

In the near future, KH-KIPPER plans to continue to develop production and improve products. It is important to remain competitive in the international market. Following the commissioning of the office building, further investments are announced, including organizing a section for laser cutting of profiles, which will facilitate the production of subframes and the modernization of the automatic shot blasting and powder coating line. Innovations will undoubtedly improve the production proces and the execution of orders to customers.  

Due to the high demand on many markets, the flow of new orders remains at a very good level, and finished products are collected and paid for on an ongoing basis without delays. For 2022, another growth and record-breaking volume of production and sales are planned.