A tipper worth its weight in gold

KH-KIPPER supplies its products all over the world. North-West Africa is one of the regions where products made in Poland are eagerly chosen for several years now. The Polish company has already delivered its bodies in the past to such countries as i.a. Nigeria, Chad, Sudan, Congo, Senegal, Mauritania, Morocco and Egypt.

Africa is a continent extremely rich in natural resources and the main industry is the mining industry. There are ores of iron, copper, nickel, manganese, antimony, chromium, as well as rich deposits of gold, silver, platinum, uranium and diamonds. And there are three tippers with KH-KIPPER bodies which will transport ore in one of the gold mines in Ghana. Designed specifically for heavier applications, the W1U body is distinguished primarily by its thicker sides and reinforced tailgate hinges.

This type of body is a perfect solution not only for transporting metal ores in mines but also for transporting loose materials such as sand, gravel, earth or clay. Its unique shape resembling an inverted letter Ω (omega) in cross-section and the inclination of the front wall prevent the material from sticking to the inside of the body during transport and facilitate its falling off when unloading. As a result, after unloading, the driver does not have to lower and raise the body again or clean it manually. In addition, an electric vibrator mounted under the body effectively helps in discharging sticky material from the inside of the body.

The rear wall, opened with ropes, protects the excavated material from falling out when driving on uneven terrain. This solution is mainly used in tippers working in mines because it allows for a greater opening of the rear wall and thanks to the large gap, the rock material of a larger fraction is completely discharged out of the body. The rear wall on the ropes also ensures significant safety and failure-free operation.

When working with rock, the tires of mining vehicles are subject to constant wear by debris falling out from the bodies. To prevent stones from falling between the wheels, KH-KIPPER has equipped the tippers with special blades for knocking them out which extends the life of the tires and reduces costly repairs.

The vehicle also has a Hyva Smart monitoring system that provides the driver with real-time data on the operation of the tipper, increasing safety and efficiency of work.