Sealed body for transporting wet soil

The fleet of the EURO-TRANS transport company is supplemented by 2 tippers with W1CE bodies with increased volume and tightness. The vehicles will be used in earthworks carried out in the city of Warsaw.

EURO – TRANS is a leader in integrated transport solutions dedicated to the construction industry in Poland. The company specializes in the transport of aggregates, cement and concrete, and provides rental services for concrete pumps, excavators for unloading railway wagons and wheel loaders for loading aggregates. Comprehensive cargo transport is carried out thanks to high-tonnage tippers and modern tractor units with self-unloading semi-trailers.

The W1CE body with a volume of 24 m3 is a classic body with a rectangular cross-section made of high-strength HARDOX 450 steel. The characteristic inclination of the front side, on which the material slides down, minimizes the adhesion of sticky material during unloading. Properly profiled corners prevent the load from sticking into the body. A rubber gasket and special bolts tightening the rear wall prevent the leakage of wet cargo and dirt on the road surface, minimizing the risk of possible penalties. Preventing public road pollution is of particular importance if the vehicle is traveling in an urban area. With such high sides, EURO-TRANS decided to use a comfortable, manual Cramaro tarpaulin system which can be operated from the ground level.