They will help maintain Estonian roads this winter

Verston is the largest road maintenance company in Estonia, currently maintaining 39%, or 6,514 km, of its national roads. A 5-year contract has been launched since October 1, 2023, under which its tasks will include maintaining national roads in the Pärnumaa, Tartumaa and Lääne-Virumaa regions. In order to guarantee the safe movement of vehicles, the company has invested this year in new equipment worth 8,3 mln Euro. Scania 6×2 trucks, which KH-KIPPER has equipped with W1GH bodies, will enable quick and efficient execution of cleaning works.

The three bodies have entirely been made of Hardox 450 steel. The 6mm thick metal plate used on the floor and 5mm thick plate used on the sides ensure extreme abrasion resistance and will extend the life of the equipment.

Thanks to the hydraulic rear board operated from the cabin, the driver has greater control over the unloaded material. The rear wall additionally has an opening limiter in the form of a chain. The hydraulic board’s long arms allow the sand spreader to be loaded onto the body, and the towing points on the floor allow for secure mounting during transport.

Entry onto the body and access to the tarpaulin is possible via a foldable ladder located at the front under the body. The manually rolled-out tarpaulin is located outside, so it does not take space inside the body. The metal grate on the front wall can be demounted before rolling out the tarpaulin.

At the front of the body, in its upper right corner, there is a place for mounting a camera, which in summer shows the driver the inside of the body, and in winter its position can be adjusted to show the operation of the snow plough.

Thanks to its extensive sales network, KH-KIPPER delivers its products to over 70 countries around the world. ELER Hydraulic has been selling and contacting local customers in Estonia since 2016. The bodies were manufactured in Poland and delivered to Estonia, where the distributor performed the professional installation of them on the chassis.