First Iveco T-Way with KH-KIPPER body!

The successor to the well-known Trakkers is a powerful high-ground clearance truck designed for extreme off-road conditions. KH-KIPPER has equipped this chassis with a three-way W3H body. This special equipment is able to cope with any task in the transport of building materials.

The three-way W3H body with Nummi underfloor cylinder is equipped with a joystick-controlled left hydraulic side wall, which lowers smoothly downwards from vertical position to 180° depending on the configuration of the chassis. This enables a forklift to drive up to the body and efficiently load palletized materials, e.g. paving stones.

After lifting the body and opening the side wall to  90°, it is possible to precisely unload the material at a certain distance from the vehicle.

Unloading of the loose materials, e.g. sand or gravel, is performed automatically after releasing the bottom locks of the side walls.

The demonstration body owes the unique metallic color to the use of NOVOL varnish materials, which give it adequate mechanical resistance.