KH-KIPPER on Spitsbergen

In the end of 2018 the Polish producer delivered the body designed for black coal transport to a mine in Longyearbyen. Longyearbyen is the biggest town on Spitsbergen. The body on VOLVO 8×4 chassis was designed specifically for arctic weather conditions where the transport takes place not only in mostly sub-zero temperatures but also during the polar nights which last here nearly 4 months.

The body with the capacity of 26,5 m3 is able to transport 26 t of load. The hydraulic vibrator mounted under the floor prevents the coal to freeze to the body. KH-KIPPER designers have also made the inside profile of the construction in a way which prevents the coal adhereing to the body during unloading, whereas the the hydraulic shovel additionally facilitates the unloading process.

The hydraulic roof provides a sealed protection against arctic wind. A great advantage of this solution in comparison to a traditional tarpaulin is the possibility of controlling the roof directly from the cabin without the need of getting out of the vehicle. This, on the other hand, increases the driver’s safety, comfort and overall cleanness in the cabin.

2 LED lights with special heating and a video camera with a sprinkler mounted on the body allow the driver to look at the loading and unloading processes from the cabin. 10 LED lights on the vehicle improve the visibility and safety during the polar nights. The vehicle is also equipped with a special system which automatically greases every greasing point on the truck monitoring the whole process and providing the driver with necessary data.

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