Transport and roadside assistance in one

The N2N two-axle low-bed semi-trailer on a special order from Trans-Serwis from Łopuszno is not only a transport vehicle, but also a mobile workshop. It will mainly transport truck tractors weighing up to 19 tons.

The front part of the semi-trailer has been converted into a mobile workshop. Its equipment will include tools, wheels and spare parts necessary for repairs. Due to the sliding tarpaulin on the right side, larger elements, e.g. tractor fairings, can also be loaded into the compartment. The compartment has its own lighting and a translucent roof.

The 9-ton electric winch mounted on the balcony enables loading of damaged trucks  or machines without its own drive. The winch is operated by radio control or a wired remote control.

The manually folded aluminum ramps are supported by gas cylinders, which ensures quick and trouble-free loading and transport.

The openings for wheels in the front part of the loading area and the very low profile of the tires allow the overall height of the transported vehicles to be reduced, which is particularly important for tractors with high cabins. The openings, if not used, can be covered with a perforated metal sheet to obtain a flat platform.

The low-bed semi-trailer has been made of construction steel. The floor is covered with perforated Lohr sheets for better grip of the vehicle on board. The total length of the semi-trailer is approx. 13,500 mm, and the loading area – approx. 9,500 mm.

Air suspension and 2 self-leveling BPW axles make loading easier, while the second steering axle makes it easy to maneuver around tight turns.