25 years of stable development

Trucks with KH-KIPPER bodies work in almost every latitude: from Mauritius on the coast of Madagascar to Arctic Svalbard and from sunny Chile to picturesque New Caledonia. In total, in over 60 countries around the world – in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and distant Oceania.
Specialized equipment for transport

KH-KIPPER is currently the largest in Poland and one of the leading European manufacturers of tipper bodies over 12 t GVW. It has been operating on the domestic and international market continuously for over 25 years. It also produces hook lifting devices, trailers and semi-trailers, deals with the sale, assembly and service of truck cranes, hydraulic systems and hook lifting devices from other manufacturers. The company’s offer includes a diverse range of specialized products intended for the construction, energy, municipal, mining and agriculture industries.

These vehicles transport materials necessary for road construction, build energy networks, transport municipal waste, agricultural crops, machines on low-bed trailers, and they work well even in the most difficult operating conditions. And all this, often in truly Spartan operating conditions. Huge dustiness, round-the-clock transport cycles, and even extreme temperatures reaching -40 degrees Celsius are usually bread and butter for the equipment that is made near Kielce.

Flexibility is the key to success

In the era of global competition, the key to KH-KIPPER’s success is flexibility, product adaptation to the individual needs of the user, high quality and professional technical advice. Our own design office allows for high flexibility – the bodies are designed and made for a specific chassis, taking into account not only its dimensions, but also working conditions, market specificity, materials and components used as well as  equipment specification.

One of the best companies in Poland

84% of production goes to foreign markets. The company’s stable development that has been going on for many years is the confirmation of the undisputed global success of the company. In 2016-2019, the company doubled the scale of its operations. For many years, the manufacturer has been in the ranking of “Business Gazelles”, i.e. the most dynamically developing companies in Poland, the winner of “Forbes Diamonds” confirming the company’s position among the best companies on the Polish market, “The Eagle of the Wprost Weekly” for its special contribution to the development of the economy, region as well as the country and the winner of the 2019 “Competitiveness Leader” award for the best results in the sale and distribution of its products. The innovative nature of KH-KIPPER products has been appreciated by the jury of competitions at the Autostrada Polska, Rotra fairs in Kielce, with many medals and awards.

Production plants near Kielce

100% of production takes place in Poland. The tipping bodies, of which the company is best known, are manufactured in two plants near Kielce: in Kajetanów, where the company’s headquarters and main production plant are also located, and in Skarżysko-Kamienna. In the first year of operation, only 16 tippers were produced, and today the annual production is around 2,000 units. Approximately 10 units leave the production plant every day. In total, the company employs almost 500 people.

Production equipment includes, among others, robotic welding, laser cutting, numerically controlled machining or shaping elements by rolling. The materials and components of the world’s best producers of steel, paints, hydraulics and other components are used in KH-KIPPER bodies.

New investments

Thanks to the orders for bodies coming from all over the world, the construction of a new final assembly hall was completed in 2019, and at the turn of 2020/2021, a new office adjacent to it began its operation. The commissioning of the new hall, which allows to manage production in the most modern way, has dramatically improved the production capacity and quality of products. Now, in the new building with an area of ​​over 1000 m2, there are 18 spacious assembly stations, where it is easy to organize work. The hall allows for the realization of atypical orders, including large and heavy mining bodies, the production of which requires a lot of space and transport with the use of overhead cranes with high lifting capacity. More space gives additional opportunities to implement new production technologies.