Stable development

Despite the uncertain geopolitical and economic situation and constantly rising prices, KH-KIPPER did not experience any significant declines in production in 2023. Diversification of supply chains and focusing on finding new sales markets will allow to reach a level of approximately 2,000 units, which is similar to last year. The market is characterized by uncertainty, which causes many companies to wait for the next course of events and delay purchasing decisions, thus limiting expenses. However, the availability and timeliness of deliveries of chassis have improved, the production of which has been limited in recent years as a result of disruptions in the supply of electronic components.
Minimizing CO2 emissions

The global trend towards reducing CO2 emissions means that more and more zero-emission trucks are on European roads. KH-KIPPER has equipped several more electric chassis with bodies not only to Norway, but this year also to Latvia. The vehicles are mainly intended for transporting construction materials in urban agglomerations. Tippers with CNG-powered engines were also delivered to several Polish companies dealing with waste transport and disposal, as well as water supply and sewage. Mines are also looking for efficient solutions that help eliminate losses and limit the negative impact of their operations on the environment. Compared to a conventional dump truck, mining tippers are much lighter and carry twice the load than their own weight. For this reason, W1MV bodies designed for this type of work have still been eagerly chosen. They are characterized by better reliability, vehicle life and superior overall operating economics.

Activation of exports to Africa and Asia

In 2023, deliveries to Africa and Asia, where tippers made in Poland are eagerly chosen, have been continued. In Northwest Africa, they are already building local road infrastructure, which is expected to have a positive impact on the economic development of the region. Nigeria, Chad, Sudan, Congo, Senegal, Mauritania, Morocco and Egypt are just some of such countries. KH-KIPPER also delivered a considerable number of tippers to Southeast Asia. One of the largest energy suppliers in the Philippines ordered several dozen bodies for transport at a local mine.

Agricultural and municipal tippers

Although KH-KIPPER construction and mining bodies are the most in demand, more and more customers have been interested in solutions for the municipal and agricultural sectors. In response, the manufacturer released an improved W3A body designed for grain transport. The body on the chassis is offered in a set with an analogous trailer, which allows to transport a maximum amount of cargo. Even before the start of the 2023/2024 season, several Polish companies dealing with road and highway maintenance received W3F and W3A lightweight bodies, which are an ideal carrier for sand spreaders and are additionally equipped with snow plows. Whereas municipal services companies ordered W3F bodies with steel mesh extensions, which will be perfect for collecting bulky waste, e.g. leaves, branches, grass or selective waste collection.

Optimization of the production process

KH-KIPPER constantly implements new solutions aimed at improving production processes. Production optimization is necessary for a company to remain competitive in the global marketplace and be able to meet the changing needs of customers in various markets. In 2023, many investments were made in new machines and equipment, including a machine for shaping the edges of details. The purchase of additional panels of a photovoltaic installation allows to increase the energy efficiency of the company and become more independent from rising energy prices.

Product improvements

Thanks to production optimization, customers receive better quality products. KH-KIPPER has also introduced a number of changes to the construction of its bodies, and in the near future it wants to improve the W1MV mining body in this respect. Changes in the construction of the body will increase safety, and the lower own weight will have a positive impact on the vehicle’s load capacity. In response to the growing interest, the manufacturer will also continue to improve other currently produced bodies. New solutions planned for three-way bodies will further improve their functionality.