Precise unloading thanks to the optimized hydraulic side wall

The three-way W3H body with a cylinder under the floor is equipped with a hydraulic left side wall. The latest modernization allows the body to be lifted to the side with the hydraulic side fully open, which remains in a fixed position while the body is moving. The new hydraulic system of the side wall is the answer of the KH-KIPPER company to the needs of Polish and foreign customers and the result of their experience of using the previous solution.

The hydraulic side wall smoothly opens down from vertical position to almost 180 ° depending on the chassis configuration. This allows a forklift truck to drive right up to the body and load palletized materials, e.g. paving stones. After lifting the body and opening the side to 90 °, it is possible to precisely discharge the load to the side at a certain distance from the vehicle. When forming embankments or backfilling trenches along the road, the material does not heap the wheels and side elements of the chassis, allowing easy exit from under the load.

The new solution makes it possible to unload the material more precisely at a close distance from the vehicle and additionally protects the wheels against heaping them with the load. This option is often used when repairing road infrastructure and significantly increases the functionality of the vehicle.

The structure of the side wall itself  and its other control functions remain unchanged compared to the currently used system.