Aluminium: compromise between weight and resistance

KH-KIPPER constructors constantly strive to meet the individual users’ expectations with technological possibilities. The aim is one: fulfil today’s and future wishes of clients. The optimal compromise between weight and resistance is met in KH-KIPPER aluminium bodies.

KH-KIPPER aluminium rear tipping bodies, just like the steel ones, are characterized with high resistance to wear. Their production involves using high-quality and wear-resistant aluminium. With 8mm floor and 6mm side walls, this body with subframe and Marcolin® tarpaulin cover weighs only 2 500 kg! The weight of a steel equivalent with 5mm floor and 4mm side walls equals about 3,9 – 4 t. The characteristic shape of the body prevents the material to stick inside and reduces the unloading time.

The practical solutions always facilitate handling and work comfort. The tipper for loose material has been equipped with electrical, remote control Marcolin cover on the front wall.

An interesting element of the equipment which increases safety is a rear camera which activates after engaging the reverse gear.