Frameless semi-trailers – simplicity and multi-functionality

Construction of roads and other facilities involves moving the vehicles on difficult and unstable surfaces. The wheels are stuck in a muddy ground or in the unloaded material. The drivers have difficulty in moving out of the place of unloading, because not having any load on the drive axle, the wheels lose stability. These special circumstances require appropriate technical solutions. The idea of the N30 W1U semi-trailer has been inspired on the American market in order to settle on European roads in the nearest future.

The innovative N30 W1U semi-trailer was created mainly for the transportation of loose material used in construction, such as sand or gravel. But transportation is not the only task that may be handled by the semi-trailer. What distinguishes it from its European counterparts is the possibility of even distribution of material on the road directly from the container. A thin, 5-cm thick layer may be distributed without using any additional equipment! This shortens the time of completing the project and lowers the costs of the construction.

A characteristic shape of the 28m3 container, resembling letter Ω (omega), prevents any sticky material from sticking in the loading area and shortens the time of unloading.

The body of the unique self-unloading semi-trailer has been installed directly on the rear bogie. This allows for easy escape from a muddy terrain or from the unloaded material. In case of not having any pressure on the axles, the driver sometimes has trouble in escaping from the unloading area. In this case, while dropping the trailer, the bogie is pushed forward.

After unloading the body, the semi-trailer automatically moves forward, leaving some space for the unloaded material. With this unique construction, the vehicle is much more mobile without the need to use a better engine for the tractor.

The trailer is also distinguished by easy reversing on a relatively small area. After raising the body, the distance between the trailer and the tractor is decreased, which makes the whole set occupy smaller space. That is what the unloading of the material on a road bend is not a big problem for the driver.

The frameless construction also results in the reduction of the vehicle’s weight without affecting its resilience. The traditional frame is replaced by a frame with joints, creating a spacious construction during the unload. Such a solution increases the rigidity and stability during the unload much better than in case of a traditional semi-trailer. More loading capacity of the vehicle results from there being no necessity of using the medium frame.

An optimal compromise between weight and resilience was reached with the use of high-quality, wear-resistant aluminium. Aluminium bodies, similarly to steel-made ones, are characterised by durability and wear resistance, and their big advantage is lower weight.

In case of loss of stability during the unload, the vehicle could overturn, posing a threat to the health and the life of the driver and of other people. Safe and stable unloading is ensured by low-situated gravity centre in the body. The unloading is also stabilised by the auxiliary frame connecting the coupling plate with the central part of the body.

Practical solutions always facilitate the manoeuvring and comfort of work. The semi-trailer is equipped with a tarpaulin installed from the ground level, which allows to cover and uncover the transported goods within a relatively short time. No need to climb the body increases the safety and allows avoiding accidents.