Incredible emotions on Master Truck

Stunning tuned vehicles the most beautiful trucks from the whole Europe, unique old Times, specific vehicles, American cars, Road assistance, fire services or cult motorcycles. This is only a part of attractions which will be shown during the annual Convent of Tuned Trucks Master Truck which will take place on 21st-23rd July 2017 in Autodrom DELTA in Polska Wieś, near Opole.

The convent will be traditionally accompanied by related trade fairs. Anyone, who has not seen one of the newest KH-KIPPER solutions yet, will have a chance to do this during the show. Innovativeness of a 3-axis frameless trailer has been recently highly grade in a prestigious contest of Autostrada-Polska Fairs Rotra. The trailer will be presented in a set with the American tractor VOLVO, although it was designed primarily for transportation of wares – if it is needed, it can pour the powder material on a surface directly from the box without using specific equipment!

The box of this unique trailer was assembled directly on the rear cart. A conventional frame was replaced with a frame with joints which creates a spatial construction during unloading. The solution has a lot of advantages: beginning from lower own mass and ending with easier unloading. The trailer, which was inspired by similar American vehicles, will surely suit to the truck climate of Master Truck. More about frameless trailer >>

For the convent, KH-KIPPER will bring also a tipper Iveco 4×2 with three-sided body. This universal vehicle for light transportation is additionally equipped with a hydraulic crane HYVA. It is usually used in companies offering a wide range of construction services or utility companies which are active in the area of urban agglomerations.


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