KH-KIPPER – new exhibitor at STEINEXPO

The whole summer is still ahead but the organization of STEINEXPO International Demonstration Show for the Construction Materials Industry which will take place on 30th August-2nd September 2017 is in proces. This unique event is organized in the biggest European basalt mine in Homberg, Germany. What distinguishes STEINEXPO from other events are the dynamic machine shows which take place in natural-like conditions. This year KH-KIPPER will take part as an exhibitor for the first time.

The Polish producer of bodies on truck chassis will present the latest model of the mining tipper W1MV on 5-axle VOLVO chassis in the static exhibition area. The new product had its premiere at the May Autostrada-Polska, Rotra trade fair in Kielce and at the Mining Word trade fair in Moscow in June. Now it is time to show it in Germany for the first time.

The W1MV body was designed for transport in quarry. In extreme exploitation conditions, under the influence of high-fraction materials, it is exposed to constant wear. It is used to transport material from the place of extraction to the crusher and after proper preparation of the transport route it can easily replace a dump truck. Some quarries are located on very limited terrain where the the technological routes are very narrow and the vehicles must be chosen by taking their manouverability into consideration. The universal tipping body on truck performs well not only in mines but also on public roads while going from one mine to another.

The main reason for the development of the new model of body is the growth of transport cost. Greater load capacity was reached by reducing the weight of the body. Eliminating unecessary elements of the construction has also improved its resilience, extended the durability period and reduced construction damage caused by loading of big rocks. Lowering of the center of gravity of the whole vehicle results in greater stability while unloading the material from the body.

The body was applied for patent protection and utility models. More info about the new W1MV mining body>>

We invite you to KH-KIPPER stand number C49a in the static exhibition area.

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