Plastic for any weather

Loading-unloading works are conducted both in summer and winter. However, the material’s temperature can influence their efficiency. Clay or loose material can then easily  adhere to the side walls. With bodies which already have some signs of wear and tear, not only the unloading proces gets worse but also the condition of the body itself deteriorates. A special inner layer mounted inside the body allows for an easy unload and additionally secures its surface.

The inner layer is made of special material and it is quickly mountable. It is applied in bodies, trailers and semi-trailers – both steel and aluminium.

Hand cleaning of the body as well as the use of additional equipment such as excavator or loader becomes unnecessary and thus improves the efficiency of transport and unloading. The bigger the tipping angle of the body, the higher risk of tipper overturn. Due to low friction, the material slides down of the body with its minimal lift angle. A fast and unproblematic unloading is especially important in case of transporting such material as clay.

By securing the body against mechanical damage and rust, the inner layer can extend the exploitation period of the tipper.